Call for Reviewers & Session Chairs

Proposals for reviewing articles and Session chairs of 1st AICC2018 are invited from academicians and industry experts from highly-reputed organizations. The proposals should clearly indicate:

  1. Name and affiliation of the person
  2. Area of research

Reviewing proposals along with a short curriculum vitae (including publications) of the person can be mailed to on or before 10th Jan 2018.

Important Notes

1. Session Chair will be Honoured by a “certificate of appreciation” during valedictory.
2. Registration fee will be waived for the Session Chair only (Only one Chair per session).
3.Minimum 5 registrations are required in one session out of which Min. 3 should be from faculty member/Scientist/Industry expert. The Max. Limit is 10.
4. Session Chair will get papers directly from the authors. The Chair will Accept/Reject the papers and will be responsible for originality and overall quality of the paper.